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Fireproof Glass


Fire-proof glass is a new functional material with good light- transmission and fire retardant properties. In the appearance they are the same with float glass, but they used the physical method and special techniques processing the float glass to get it. With high-heat resistance, high transparency, no bubbles. It can hold not burst within 1000 degrees for 84-183minute, and thus effectively to prevent flame and smoke spread. It also can be processed into laminated glass, insulated glass, mainly used in indoor fire resistance, indoor thermal insulation and surviving channel.

Glass modelFlat fireproof glass
Glass thickness5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm
SizeMin size: 300mm x 300mm, Max size: 3300mm x 13000mm
Glass colorClear, ultra clear, Grey, Brown, Blue, Black, Green, etc

1. thermal insulation glass,block fire, smoke and heat radiation.

2. high temperature resistance.

3. with no optical distortion and Life-long stable performance.

4. sound reduction and noise reduction.

Can be widely used in construction industry, such as hotel, school, hospital, airport, library, exhibition wall, office partition, computer room, tall building fire door, fire window.