• Low E Insulated Glass
  • Low E Insulated Glass
  • Low E Insulated Glass
  • Low E Insulated Glass

Low E Insulated Glass


Glass modelinsulated glass
Glass thickness5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm
Aluminum strip width6mm 9mm 12mm 15mm 16mm 19mm 21mm
SizeMin size: 300mm x 300mm, Max size: 2440mm x 15000mm
Glass colorClear, ultra clear, Grey, Brown, Blue, Black, Green, etc
Glass typeClear/Tinted/Reflective/Tempered/Laminated/Low-E

Insulated glass features:

1. energy efficient: with inert air enclosed between the double glazing panels, and heat transmission through the window is drastically reduced.

2. noise reduction: fill in argon or other inert gas can lower the noise.

3. optical performance: visible LT 10%-80% and LR 13%-35% depends on different panes of Insulated glass

4. anti-dew: dry air and desiccant inside the enclosure renders the surface free from misting, and keeps the dryness inside the spacer and resists forming Of dew

5. thermal insulation: reduce U value, especially when filled with inert gas, excellent solar heat insulation property which greatly reduces cooling loads.

Insulated glass is widely used in construction, home appliance, trains, ships, such as facades, curtain walls, window, skylights, sunshine house, greenhouse, canopy, wall cladding.