• 5mm+1.52PVB+5mm clear annealed laminated glass

5mm+1.52PVB+5mm clear annealed laminated glass

 size: 997*737mm,   827x517mm 


Laminated glass is a form of safety glass whereby an interlayer is inserted between two or more panes of glass. The safety feature of the product is created by the bond and strength of the interlayer. The interlayer holds the entire glass pane together and, if broken, minimizes the likelihood of an object passing through the glass.  

Due to the variety in the types and colors of interlayers available today, laminated glass is being widely used in interior applications. Laminated glass typically satisfies building codes but also adds a vast selection of options for decorative aesthetics. Not only can laminated interlayers contribute to the aesthetics, but they will also help control the passage of UV light into an interior space, as well as minimize sound transmission and customize the level of visible light transmittance.