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Low-E Glass


Low-E coated glass is a kind of glass on which surface several layers of metals (included silver layer) or metallic compounds are sputtered. It has high visible transmission and high reflectance to infrared. Therefore, Low-E glass can supply very good heat insulating performance and meet the requirement of energy saving by preventing overfull solar energy coming into room in summer and reducing indoor heat loss in winter. 

Glass typeLow-E glass
Glass thickness5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm
Glass sizeMin size: 300mm x 300mm, Max size: 3300mm x 13000mm

1.energy-saving: long wave radiation should be contained in your room and the radiation from the sun should be shielded and reflected back outside. Make home or building as energy efficient.

2.high transmission: 82-83% visible light can go through for single pane.

3.low reflection: light pollution is reduced to a minimum.

1. office, apartment and condos

2. facades

3. curtain walls

4. skylights

5. green house