What Is The Difference Between Aluminum Alloy Doors And Windows And Glass Curtain Walls?

Dec. 18, 2018

Aluminum alloy door and window fittings are made of aluminum alloy extruded profiles for frames, sills, and fan materials, referred to as aluminum doors and windows. Aluminum alloy is used as the force-bearing member (the member that bears and transmits its own weight and load). The wood and plastic composite doors and windows are referred to as aluminum-wood composite doors and windows and aluminum-plastic composite doors and windows.

The Building Tempered Glass curtain wall is also called the building curtain wall and the curtain wall. It is a kind of façade commonly used in modern buildings. It is composed of metal, glass, stone and artificial board. It is installed on the outermost layer of the building and acts like a wall. Windproof, rainproof, energy-saving, etc., the curtain wall does not bear any structural load, only connected to the structural plate or column to withstand its own weight and resist wind pressure.

The concept is different

The curtain wall and the doors and windows belong to the same building maintenance structure, and they do not share the force of the main structure, which makes the qualitative doors and windows or the curtain wall a difficult problem. In order to ensure the appearance, many enterprises also need to consider cost savings. They often use the door and window materials to design and manufacture the curtain wall effect. To a certain extent, it not only brings troubles to the construction acceptance, but also buryes hidden dangers for safety.

In order to avoid the continuation of such conditions, the concept of glass curtain wall is clearly defined in the "Technical Specifications for Glass Curtain Wall Engineering": it consists of a supporting structural system and a panel, which can have a certain displacement capacity relative to the main structure, and is not subject to the main structure. The function of the exterior maintenance structure or decorative line structure.

One point is mentioned here: there is a certain displacement capacity relative to the main structure. The door and window as the maintenance member of the support in the hole of the main structure cannot meet the ability of the main body structure to have a certain displacement. In the curtain wall design, the overall frame is suspended on the outside of the main structure, and the relative displacement can be ensured by designing measures such as expansion joints.

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