The Selection Criteria Of Glass Curtain Wall Material

Feb. 11, 2019

1. Support system. The support system transmits the various loads received by the cover glass directly to the building's main structure. Therefore, it is the main force-bearing component, generally according to the load bearing size and architectural shape, such as glass ribs, stainless steel columns, aluminum profile columns or steel shelves with appropriate anti-corrosion and anti-surface treatment. Steel columns and stainless steel rods.

2. Metal connectors. The metal connector includes a fixture and a fastener. In consideration of metal compatibility, the fixing member must be made of the same material as the supporting system or mechanically fixed. Metal connectors are the essence of architectural point technology. It fixes the face glass on the support structure not only creates additional stress on the edge of the glass hole, but also allows a small amount of displacement to adjust the construction error caused by the building installation, and also has shock absorption measures to improve the seismic resistance, so the design considerations The factors are multifaceted.

3, glass. The glass used in the construction of the point-type glass curtain wall reduces the strength of the glass at the edge of the hole by about 30%. Therefore, the construction of the point-type glass curtain wall must use high-strength Building Tempered Glass (the impact strength of the Ultra Thick Tempered Glass is float glass 3 -5 times, the bending strength is 2-5 times that of float glass.) Another important characteristic of tempered glass is that it is safe to use, and when it encounters a large external force, it will produce small fragments without sharp angles, which is not easy to injure.

Building Tempered Glass