We Have The Best Quality Tempered Glass

Mar. 02, 2019

Building Tempered Glass is a type of prestressed glass. In order to increase the strength of the glass, chemical or physical methods are usually used to form compressive stress on the surface of the glass. When the glass is subjected to external force, the surface stress is first offset, thereby improving the bearing capacity and enhancing the wind resistance of the glass itself. Compressive, cold and hot, impact and so on.

In the preparation process, the ordinary annealed glass is first cut into a required size, and then heated to about 700 degrees near the softening point, and then obtained by rapid and uniform cooling.

When the tempered glass is damaged by an external force, the glass is torn into small pieces of obtuse angle under the action of internal energy. Compared with the case where the ordinary glass is broken, the large piece has a long knife shape and a sharp angle, and the small pieces after the rupture of the tempered glass have little damage to the human body.

The performance of tempered glass:

1 The strength of the glass is increased by 3 to 5 times (the strength of ordinary glass is 40 to 60 MPa or less);

2 improve the tensile properties of the glass surface;

3 The heat resistance of the glass is improved, and the thermal shock resistance can reach 280-320 ° C;

4 has good safety and reliability.

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We Have The Best Quality Tempered Glass

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We Have The Best Quality Tempered Glass

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