Classification And Application Of Fireproof Glass

Aug. 02, 2018

Ultra large Fireproof Glass is divided into sandwich composite fireproof glass, wire fireproof glass, special fireproof glass, hollow fireproof glass, and high strength single layer lanthanum potassium fireproof glass.

Sandwich composite fireproof glass:

Common products provide by Flat Fireproof Glass Manufacturer consist of two or more layers of flat glass sandwiches with a transparent fireproof adhesive. In the case of fire, the fireproof glass will rapidly foam and expand to form a heat-insulating fire-resistant foam layer, which can absorb a large amount of heat. In the event of a fire, it can also bond broken glass sheets to maintain the integrity of the fire-resistant glass without injuring people.

Wired fireproof glass:

It is a composite glass body which is made by adding a wire or a mesh to an interlayer of an organic film or an inorganic adhesive in the middle of two layers of glass. When added to the wire or mesh, it not only improves the overall impact strength of the fire-resistant glass, but also can be connected to the electric heating and safety alarm system to play a variety of functions. The defect of the fireproof glass is poor transmittance

Special fireproof glass:

Special fireproof glass refers to the glass used as the special component of the glass substrate, rather than the glass of ordinary flat glass. The fireproof glass of special materials (boron, aluminosilicate fireproof glass, microcrystalline fireproof glass) has high production cost and high market price, which is difficult for people to accept. Therefore, the market still uses transparent composite laminated fireproof glass as a popular product.

Hollow fireproof glass:

Hollow fireproof glass is a new product of fireproof glass today. It is a new type of glass that combines noise reduction, thermal insulation and fire protection. It is based on the production of insulating glass. It only needs to coat a glass substrate on the glass substrate which may be exposed to fire or flame. After drying at a certain temperature and humidity, it is processed into hollow glass of various shapes. Hollow fireproof glass for doors, windows, partitions, partitions, fire doors, etc.

High-strength monolithic cesium potassium fireproof glass:

High-strength monolithic strontium-potassium fire-resistant glass (chemical fireproof glass) is a new type of building functional material with good light transmission and fire retardant properties. This transparent fire safety glass can be used as a high-grade hotel, theater, exhibition hall, airport, gymnasium, hospital, library, commercial building and other public buildings and other fire doors, fire windows and fire partitions for civil and public buildings without fire compartment requirements. The range of ideal fireproof materials.

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