How to Clean The Glass Window of Newly Renovated House?

Jun. 22, 2018

Many houses now have large floor-to-ceiling windows. Office buildings will also use large-area glass decorations for better lighting. Anti-slip glass and fireproof glass are the most common used glasses for house. Then, just after the renovation, some stains on the glass, paint and other stains, how to clean it?

Anti-Slip Glass

The glass can be cleaned with beer, vinegar, newspapers, laundry detergent, chalk, shampoo, etc. First take a pot of water, put a little beer, vinegar, chalk or shampoo, take care not to get too much, then drench the towel. Twist the towel and wipe the window to clean the window surface. Another purpose is to wet the window. Rubbing the windows with waste newspapers, the traces on the windows will be taken away by waste newspapers, and the windows will be clean and bright.

1. Rub the glass with a towel or a warm vinegar to quickly remove dirt from the glass.

2, Newspapers, the newspaper wrinkled naturally, with a relatively large number of areas to wipe.

3, Adding appropriate amount of liquid detergent or washing powder in water, focusing on difficult to wipe the place, this cleaning effect is very significant.

4. Apply chalk dust or gypsum powder on the glass, wipe it with a cloth after drying, and clean the glass.

5. Put some water in the basin, pour a little shampoo and mix it. Use it to clean the glass and it will look extra clean and bright.

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