Conditions Need Safety Glass

Mar. 26, 2018

Tempered glass, laminated glass or tempered laminated glass shall be safety glass. Safety glass shall be used for the following parts of the building where glass is used as a building material:

(1) Outside windows of buildings with 7 floors and more;

(2) The window glass or glass bottom with an area of more than 1.5m2 is less than 500mm from the floor of the finished window;

(3) Curtain walls (excluding full screen);

(4) Inclined assembly windows, various kinds of ceilings (including skylights, lighting ceilings) and suspended ceilings;

Tempered Laminated Glass

(5) Sightseeing elevators and their external protection;

(6) Indoor partitions, bathroom enclosures and screens;

(7) Stairs, balconies, platform corridors, and atrium blocks;

(8) Floor panels used for pedestrians to walk;

(9) Observing windows and observation holes of aquariums and swimming pools;

(10) Entrances, entrances, halls, etc. of public buildings;

(11) Other parts that are vulnerable to impact and impact and cause human injury.

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