How To Distinguish Between Tempered Glass And Ordinary Glass?

Jan. 24, 2019

Tempered glass is now widely known. It is widely used in many indoor compartment glass, furniture appliances, lighting ceilings and other items. Today, China Tempered Glass Factory will share with you: How is the difference between the glass and the ordinary glass?

1. From the perspective of security:

Because all the tempered glass is accidentally broken, different irregular small-angled particle fragments are formed, and the tempered glass breaks the sharp corner of the knife without ordinary glass, and will not harm us, so it is called safety glass, so Widely used by people in various decorations.

2.From the perspective of high strength and deflection:

The strength of Custom Building Tempered Glass is several times higher than that of ordinary glass, and the deflection is also different. It is also several times larger than ordinary glass. Therefore, tempered glass is used in many places in life. The price of rigid glass and ordinary glass is also different.

3. From the perspective of tension characteristics:

True and false tempered glass can also be identified from the tensile characteristics. The polarizing film can form colored stripes on the edge of the glass, and black and white spots can be seen on the surface of the glass. Polarized light sheets are easier to observe using professional polarizers.

4. From the perspective of manufacturing principles:

Heat resistant Tempered Glass is a glass that has been treated by ordinary glass through a second heating and cooling tempering process. Its surface pressure distribution is uniform, and a certain tension is formed inside, which greatly improves the performance of the glass, tensile strength and resistance. The impact is several times that of ordinary glass.

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