Do You Know Colored Glazing Glass?

May. 10, 2018

Colored glazing glass is an inorganic glaze (also known as ink), printed on the glass surface, and then dried, tempered or thermal processing, the glaze permanently sintered on the glass surface and get a wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant Decorative glass products. This product is highly functional and decorative.

The main application of the colored glazing glass: It is widely used in the architectural decoration industry; the glass of furniture, electronic glass, etc. are often used color glaze technology.

Performance characteristics of colored glaze glass:

1. It is cheaper and easier to install than other materials such as brick, stone or wood.

2. Colors and patterns are various (customized according to customer requirements). In the curtain wall combination it can contrast other glass or color matching.

3. Glaze glass can be mounted on support structures.

4. Has no absorption, no penetration characteristics and easy to clean.

5. The colored glaze is an inorganic glaze of the same glass material, and does not fade or peel off. Therefore, the original color tone is consistent with the life of the building.

6. Color glazes are easy to accept as non-hard viscose glue used to isolate arched shoulders and shoulders.

7. The glaze can absorb and reflect part of the solar thermal energy, which has the effect of energy saving.

8. Can be coated, laminated, synthetic hollow composite processing, to obtain special properties for other uses.

9. After tempering, the final product has good mechanical properties, impact resistance and thermal shock resistance, and higher safety performance.

10. Visor effect is obvious.

Colored Glazing Glass