Do You Know Non-slip Glass?

May. 29, 2018

This article is from Anti-Slip Glass Supplier China, who produces high quality ultra large anti-slip glass.

Non-slip glass flooring is an innovative flooring material with superior performance and safety. It is manufactured by using a multi-sandwich process. The upper piece is made of tempered glass and the surface is coated with a special non-slip film (NSS). Application place: Coffee shop, stage, exhibition hall, KTV ballroom, supermarket, large shopping mall, museum, landscape corridor, etc.

Ultra Large Anti-Slip Glass

Features of Anti-Slip Glass

1. Non-slip: Non-slip glass has a high coefficient of friction on the non-slip surface, which provides protection for the non-slip performance of non-slip glass flooring and allows you to walk without slipping.

2. Transparent: The non-slip treated glass floor still maintains its transparent properties, which fully realizes unobstructed vision, visual integration, and makes the visual space more open.

3. The substrate of the safety non-slip glass floor has a high strength, can withstand large loads without breaking, and the non-slip glass floor formed by the sandwich not only can withstand greater loads even when the non-slip glass substrate is accidentally destroyed. The underlying glass still provides enough support to ensure safety.

4. The non-slip layer does not fall off The non-slip layer is a part of the glass that is sintered with the glass, so it can be rubbed off for a long time without falling off.