Do You Know Sound Reduction Fireproof Glass?

May. 22, 2018

Sound reduction and fire prevention are needed in many places, such as hospitals and dance halls. In addition to some common sheet products, there are also sound-proof and fireproof glasses and noise reduction laminated glass.

The unique advantages of sound reduction fireproof glass

· Absorption and noise reduction can effectively prevent sound transmission.

· Simple construction and discretion cutting.

· Antibacterial, anti-mildew, anti-aging, anti-corrosion to ensure a healthy environment.

· Class A1 is fire resistant and permanently inflammable.

· Low moisture absorption, stable physical properties.

· Strong vibration resistance and high durability.

Sound reduction fireproof glass application scope

Applicable to a variety of commercial, industrial, residential building heating, ventilation, tank, air conditioning and other construction of the insulation insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction.

Noise Reduction Laminated Glass