Why Is The Front Windshield Of The Car With Laminated Glass?

Jul. 30, 2018

Everyone knows that there is no difference between auto glass. One is 0.38mm PVB Film Laminated Glass, the other is tempered glass. The laminated glass will not break when it is impacted. It will only crack. The broken one is called tempered glass. So why is the front windshield? Want to use laminated glass? Why not use tempered glass? Then China Laminated Glass Supplier will tell you.

Automotive terminology and definition: Automotive glass is divided into safety glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, and regional tempered glass.

1. Safety glass. Safety glass for automobiles is a product composed of inorganic materials or inorganic and organic composite materials. When applied to vehicles, it can reduce the risk of serious injury in a car accident and regulate its visibility, strength and wear resistance.

2, laminated glass. A glass product in which two or more sheets of glass are bonded together with one or more layers of adhesive. When the glass is broken, the pieces are not easily wounded.

3. Tempered glass. A glass produced by heating a glass to a vicinity of a softening point and then quenching. The strength and thermal stability of the glass are increased, and once the glass is broken, the fragments have no sharp edges and corners.

4. Regional tempered glass. The tempered glass that controls the tempering process in a sub-region, once destroyed, generally meets the requirements of the safety glass for the broken pieces, while providing a viewing zone that does not hinder driving.

The front windshield of the car is a type A laminated glass, a type B laminated glass and a regional tempered glass.

For safety reasons, tempered glass is not used. Because in an emergency, in order to escape, if the door can not be opened, you can use a sharp object to break the front windshield and escape from here. When hitting the perimeter, instead of the center of the glass, the edges of the glass are easily broken. The front windshield is generally affixed with an explosion-proof membrane. It is usually broken by the stone hitting the glass. Because the film sticks, the glass does not fly everywhere.

It has long been stipulated in developed countries that car windshields must use laminated glass. China's safety standards stipulate that the car windshield must use laminated glass or partially regional tempered glass, and other windows should use tempered glass. Therefore, ordinary ordinary glass and plexiglass are not suitable as a windshield of a car.

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