The Difference Between Frosted Glass And Sandblasted Glass

Jul. 20, 2018

Ultra Thick Frosted Glass and sandblasted glass look very similar in appearance, and are used in office curtain walls, bathrooms, doors and windows because of the diffuse reflection of light after processing. Helps reduce the transmission of light. So what is the difference between 19mm Frosted Glass and sandblasted glass?

Frosted glass is obtained by grinding a glass of ordinary float glass through a machine. After grinding, the surface is very rough, which can greatly reduce the transmission of light, but it cannot be seen through.

The blasted glass is sprayed on the surface of the glass with hydrofluoric acid and is etched over the surface of the glass. It also has the effect of not transmitting light.

By comparing the frosted glass with the sandblasted glass, the processing method is different, and the effect achieved after processing is the same. In addition to the two processing methods, there are frosted wallpaper and matte ink on the market. The matte wallpaper can be directly applied to the surface of the glass, and the matte ink needs to be printed on the surface of the glass by using a screen printing screen. Both of these methods can also achieve the effect of light transmission without see-through.

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