A Small Trick To Clean The Frosted Glass Door

Sep. 13, 2018

Many of my friends' home kitchens or bathrooms are equipped with Frosted Tempered Glass. Because of the high amount of fumes in the kitchen, the frosted glass door of the kitchen is stained with a layer of oil. How to clean the frosted glass door?

1. Modulated glass cleaner (1:50-1:80)

2. Soak the applicator in the bucket cleaner, squeeze it to a semi-dry, apply to the glass, top to bottom, and apply it back and forth from left to right.

3. Use a scraper to scrape in order, and the weight should be uniform. Avoid scratching or scratching when scraping.

4. Wipe dry with a rag every time you use a spatula.

5. After cleaning, dry the water on the edge of the window frame and the floor.

6. The used tools are recycled to the tool room.

Frosted Tempered Glass

Some stubborn stains are handled:

1. Slight stains and finger marks can be removed with an equal amount of vinegar and aqueous solution.

2. More solid marks can be removed with a special glass cleaner.

3. The pattern glass and the engraved glass can be cleaned with a very soft brush. The printed matter on the newspaper contains solvent, and the stain on the window can be wiped off with a newspaper.

When wiping the glass, use half of the vinegar and half of the water to mix thoroughly, put it in the watering can, spray it on the glass and polish it with the newspaper. Or first wipe the glass with a damp cloth, then use a clean damp cloth to dip a little white wine and rub it on the glass with a little force. After wiping, the glass is not only clean and bright.

Many people think that the Ultra Large Frosted Glass door is very smooth because it is not smooth and smooth, but it is not. After reading the above frosted glass door cleaning method, I believe that for some small frosted glass doors, we can still clean it by ourselves.