How To Distinguish Between Frosted Tempered Glass And Ordinary Tempered Glass?

Jul. 16, 2018

one look:

To distinguish between Ultra Thick Tempered Glass and Frosted Tempered Glass, it is only a change in internal characteristics, which is generally not visible on the outside, but there is a difference in the details. The end face of the glass is vertical, and the tempered glass has a little more than ordinary glass. Bending; tempered glass* standard is that the angle between the eyes and the glass surface is not more than 45 degrees. The ordinary float glass is not corrugated. Look for a place with good light. Place the frosted glass face down on the ground and adjust the angle. There is no ripple on the surface of the glass to know.

Second, listen:

Hang the glass and use a nail to strike. The tempered glass sounds crisp and the ordinary glass sounds dull.

Third, fall:

If it is tempered glass, it may not be broken; it is broken, and the fragments are in a small particle state; ordinary glass fragments are *shaped radial type, which is easy to injure people. In fact, there are a lot of methods, for example, the edge of the tempered glass must be processed, the ordinary glass does not need to be, etc., as long as it is careful, it can be easily distinguished.

Frosted Tempered Glass