We Introduced German Bohle High-Permeability Diamond Knife Wheel

Apr. 10, 2018

Since 2005, our company has represented Germany Bohle in sales of various products in China for seven years, and has a high reputation in the Chinese glass industry. Recently, our company once again teamed up with Germany's Bohle to promote the Cutmaster® high-permeability diamond cutter wheel.

With a history of almost 100 years, German company Bohle Glass Tools Co., Ltd. currently has more than 8000 varieties of products. There are 14 branch companies and more than 100 agents in the world. The sales and service network is all over the world. Its Siberschnitt® cutting products are world-renowned for their long cutting life, good cutting edge effect and stable product quality. Cutmaster® high-permeability diamond cutter wheel is a main force of Siberschnitt® cutting products and can be 0.1-1.1mm in China. The ultra-thin glass industry offers better cutting solutions.

Also, we produce and export extra-thick building glass and extra-large building glass with factory price.

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