Glaze Glass Features And Processing Technology

May. 18, 2018

Colored glazing glass has the following performance characteristics: It is cheaper and easier to install than other materials such as bricks, stone or wood; colors, patterns are varied, and options are wide. In the curtain wall combination, it can contrast other glass or color matching; color glaze glass can be installed on the support structure; has no absorption, no penetration characteristics and easy to clean; color glaze is the same as the glass material inorganic color glaze, does not fade, not Peeling off, so the original color is consistent with the life of the building; color glaze is easy to accept non-hard viscose glue used to isolate arched shoulders and shoulders; glazed can absorb and reflect part of solar heat energy, with energy-saving effect; can be coated, laminated, Synthetic hollow composite machining, to obtain special properties for other uses; After tempering, the final product has good mechanical properties, impact resistance and thermal shock resistance, and higher safety performance. It is precisely because of these characteristics that colored glaze glass is widely used in the construction and decoration industry and has been widely recognized by the market.More building glasses pls browse our website.

Glaze Glass