Glazed glass: Bring More Creativity And Inspiration

May. 15, 2018

As a decoration material, color glazed glass has been applied abroad for decades, and it has a history of nearly 20 years in China. At present, the glazed glass has become a mature glass processing product and is widely used in various fields.

Especially for the building curtain wall, the color and structure of the glazed glass are subtly grasped, and the effect of using colored glazed glass instead of frosted glass or even colored glass can be realized directly. Therefore, for the designer, in the face of the monotonous float glass, the color glaze glass can bring more creativity and inspiration.

Through the survey of well-known processing companies in the industry, it is learned that there are many screen printing companies in China engaged in the field of art and decorative glass processing. In this area, the requirements for equipment technology and other aspects are relatively low, and the profit space is abundant, which makes many companies flock to it, and the glazed glass has a wide range of applications and market prospects.

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Glazed Glass