Is There A Good Way To Clean The Glass?

Aug. 16, 2018

1. When wiping the glass, mix half of the vinegar and half of the water and mix thoroughly. Place it in the watering can, spray it on the glass and spray it with the old one or the old newspaper group.

2. Wipe the glass with a damp cloth, then use a clean damp cloth to dip a little white wine and rub it on the glass with a little force. After wiping, the glass is not only clean and bright.

3, frosted glass stain removal: 1 ink stain: wipe with turpentine. 2 grease stain: use acetic acid and degreased detergent and stir well to wipe. 3 tape smudge: first use a knife to scrape off the tape, then wipe with turpentine. 4 pencil smudge: Can be wiped off with turpentine. 5 Crayon stains: Can be wiped off with dry cloth and turpentine. 6 color pencil smudge: can be carefully wiped with an eraser. If it can't be wiped off, it can be scrubbed with detergent.

4, ordinary glass cleaning: 1 towel with a towel or warm vinegar to wipe the glass, the dirt on the glass can be quickly eliminated. 2 Apply some chalk gray water or gypsum powder to the glass. After drying, wipe the glass with a cloth. 3 Put some water in the basin, pour a little shampoo and mix it. Use it to clean the glass, it will be extra clean and bright. 4 winter glass surface is easy to frost, can be wiped with cloth dampened with salt water or white wine, the effect is very good. 5 The scale on the glass is wiped clean with a cloth or a silky toothpaste. 6 Take one dry and one wet cloth, first wipe the glass with both sides with a damp cloth; then use a dry cloth to smear a small amount of white wine and wipe the glass with force to clean and bright. Wipe the glass mirror dirt mirror or cabinet mirror and other dirt, you can use a soft cloth to soak kerosene or wax to wipe, do not rub with water, rub with water, not only the mirror is blurred, and easy to corrode glass

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