Which Insulation Effect Is Good In Glass Greenhouses And Plastic Greenhouses?

Dec. 10, 2018

In the modern conjoined greenhouses currently under construction, solar greenhouses, glass greenhouses and plastic film greenhouses are common structural types. Which two types of insulation chambers perform well?

We all know that temperature is the basic condition for ensuring the normal growth of agricultural crops. Greenhouses are an insulated agricultural facility that creates a suitable environment for the normal growth and rapid growth of agricultural crops. Insulation is an important task in the agricultural production of greenhouses. It is also necessary to choose a suitable covering material.

In order to check which kind of covering material has good heat preservation, we chose two greenhouses in the vicinity of 35 degrees north latitude, and tested them at the end of March, which are glass greenhouses and multi-span plastic film greenhouses. In the absence of artificial heating, the indoor temperature is measured every hour in two greenhouses in different weather and recorded.

Through our practice analysis, it is found that the plastic greenhouses are warming up during the day, the nighttime temperature is also obvious, and the nighttime insulation effect is not obvious, while the glass greenhouses have better insulation effects during the day and night than the plastic greenhouses. The thermal insulation performance of the glass greenhouse is better than that of the plastic greenhouse.

The glass greenhouse has a beautiful and novel shape, good light transmission and good heat preservation. Plastic greenhouses are economical and practical, and the cost is low. You can choose according to the needs of production and planting.

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