How to Quickly Identify Safety Glass?

Jun. 25, 2018

Safety glass is a type of glass that has a relatively high safety factor and is widely used in automobiles, airplanes, buildings, doors and windows, and curtain walls. The safety glass mentioned in our daily life is generally referred to as tempered glass, which is the glass of the ordinary original glass reinforced by a tempering furnace, and the pressure of the surface is qualitatively improved.

Heat Strengthened Glass

With the increase in the use of safety glass, the product form introduced by the deep processing of glass has also begun to diversify, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty of selection for consumers. So, how should we identify the quality of safety glass?

1. The most important and most secure method is to see if there is a 3C certification mark on the safety glass. Because according to regulations, 3C certification mark must be on the safety glass.

2. By listening, that is to say hitting the glass by hand, if the glass emits a crisp sound, then the glass is tempered glass, and vice versa is ordinary glass.

3. The use of polarizers means that tempered glass can see colored stripes on the edge of the glass through the polarizer, and when viewed on the surface of the glass, black and white spots can be seen. The polarizer can be found in the camera lens or glasses. Observe the adjustment of the light source during observation so that it is easier to observe.

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