What Kind Of Glass Is LOW-E Glass?

Feb. 01, 2019

Low-E Coated Glass is an energy-saving glass widely used in construction. Compared with ordinary glass, it can save up to 65% energy. At the same time, it has good light permeability, rich color, and can be used for sound and noise reduction. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly products are very suitable for ordinary residential use.

Energy saving: the sterling silver film is covered with a “filter” for the door and window glass.

Using the second generation of dual silver Low-E glass can reduce energy consumption by more than about 65%. The characteristic of the glass is that it can strongly reflect the heat in the sun, which is equivalent to the sunlight being filtered, and only enters the room through the cold light source, and the consumption of the air conditioner power is greatly reduced.

Daylighting and noise reduction: let the house light up and calm down the road

Low-E glass not only saves energy but also ensures bright indoor light. It is understood that visible light can be uniformly transmitted through the glass, and the indoor scene can be observed in the room. At the same time, Noise Reduction Laminated Glass has a feature that reduces noise and improves the comfort of the indoor environment.

Low-E Coated Glass