What Is Low-e Glass?

Feb. 27, 2019

Glass is an important building material, and as the decorative requirements for buildings continue to increase, the use of glass in the construction industry is also increasing. However, today, when choosing the glass doors and windows of a building, in addition to considering its aesthetic and appearance characteristics, it pays more attention to the problems of heat control, cooling cost and comfortable balance of internal sunlight projection. This makes the new Low-e Glass in the coated glass family stand out and become the focus of attention.

The coating layer has the characteristics of high visible light transmission and high reflection to the far-infrared rays, which makes it have the following obvious advantages compared with ordinary glass and traditional architectural coated glass:

1. Excellent thermal performance

The heat loss of the outer door and window glass is the main part of the building's energy consumption, accounting for more than 50% of the building's energy consumption. Relevant research data show that the heat transfer on the inner surface of the glass is mainly radiation, accounting for 58%, which means that the heat loss can be reduced by changing the performance of the glass. The most effective method is to suppress the radiation on the inner surface.

2. Good optical performance

Low-E glass has a high transmittance for visible light in sunlight, up to 80%, and a low reflectance, which makes the optical performance much better than conventional coated glass. When viewed from the outside, the appearance is more transparent and clear, which ensures the good lighting of the building, and avoids the light pollution caused by the light reflection of the large-area glass curtain wall and the insulating glass door and window, thus creating a softer and more comfortable light environment.

Low-e Glass

The glass shown in the figure is 15mm +16A+15mm Low E insulated glass, 7m length.

Low-e Glass

The glass shown in the figure is 15mm+16A+15mm Ultra Clear Insulated Glass , 8m length.