What should We Pay Attention To When Making A Glass Partition In The Bathroom?

Apr. 01, 2019

People usually have to bathe in the bathroom to complete, but because of the large amount of water vapor, many families now design glass partitions for the bathroom in order to truly separate the wet and dry. What are the things that need to be paid attention to when making glass partitions? Listen to Toughened Glass Manufacturers for your explanation.

Bathroom Tempered Glass

Before making a Bathroom Tempered Glass partition, it is necessary to decorate the floor and the wall first, usually by tiling the tiles. Then, customize the glass partition of the bathroom according to the actual size required. But be careful not to have errors, otherwise it will not be wasted, it will not only waste money but also toss.

However, if the bathroom is made of glass partition doors, it is advisable to design a threshold for the bottom of the door to help block the flow of water. If there is no door frame, you can also design a threshold stone for it, generally 1.5-2cm above the ground, to avoid the water flowing out from the glass partition door after the shower, it can not achieve the purpose of dry and wet separation.

When designing the glass partition for the bathroom, special attention should be paid to installing the sewer pipe and floor drain before laying the floor tiles, so as to avoid great inconvenience to the future life.

In addition, whether it is the interior of the bathroom or the glass partition should be cleaned regularly, so that it will not cause dirt due to long-term water contact, so as not to leave a safety hazard for future life, especially the elderly and children at home. Pay more attention to this aspect.