Types And Characteristics Of Artistic Glass Partitions

Jan. 09, 2019

The art glass partition has a good view while separating the space. The development of art glass drives the development of the aesthetics of the partition, so that the art glass partition is constantly accepted by the market.

Art glass partition:

1. Stained glass: The color art glass partitions the color art glass, which not only gives the elegant and noble texture, but also makes full use of the translucency of the glass to create various atmospheres. In the simple and elegant space, the color art glass is an important material for exquisite and meticulous expression.

2, Office Partitions Frosted Glass: sandblasted engraved glass partition has noble and elegant, stylish atmosphere. The ambiguous effect is compared to other types of Frosted Tempered Glass products. However, the blasting and cutting of the flowers is also the most demanding material. Use the eye-catching pattern image to show the blurry beauty, and contrast with the rest of the transparent part, free to express various impressions.

Office Partitions Frosted Glass