Precautions For Using Fireproof Glass

Jul. 06, 2018

Flat Fireproof Glass is used as a new building fire protection product by more and more buildings, but there are no specific specifications and standards for the design and inspection of such products. The author believes that the following three aspects should be noted in the design:

1. The design of Ultra Thick Fireproof Glass to the curtain wall and partition is not simply to change the non-fire-resistant material used in the curtain wall or partition to refractory material, and it is not necessary to replace ordinary glass with fire-resistant glass. Think of it as a fire protection system.

2. The fire-resistant performance level of the fire-resistant glass curtain wall and the partition can be determined by considering the fire-resistance level of all factors of the whole system. It is subjectively speculated that errors may be made and necessary test tests are needed to determine.

3. When designing fireproof glass, it is necessary to pay attention to the corresponding relationship between the size of the glass plate and the fire resistance performance level.

Flat Fireproof Glass