What Should We Pay Attention To When Making Glass Partition In Toilet?

Nov. 24, 2018

People usually have to bathe in the bathroom to complete, but because there will be a lot of water vapor, so in order to truly achieve the separation of wet and dry, now many families will design Shower Doors Frosted Glass partition for the bathroom. But what's the price of bathroom glass partition? What should we pay attention to when making glass partition?

In order to do bathroom glass partition, we must first decorate the floor and wall, usually it is appropriate to lay tile. Then, customize the glass partition of the bathroom according to the actual size. But we should pay attention to no errors, otherwise it will not only waste money but also make great trouble if it can not be installed.

However, if the bathroom chooses glass partition doors, it is recommended to design threshold at the bottom of the door, which can help to block the flow of water. If there is no doorframe, you can also design a threshold stone for it, generally 1.5-2_above the ground, to avoid water flowing from the glass partition door after shower, so that the purpose of dry-wet separation can not be achieved.

When designing glass partition for bathroom, special attention should be paid to installing sewer pipes and floor drains before laying floor tiles, so as to avoid great inconvenience to future life.

In addition, both the interior of the bathroom and the glass partition should be cleaned regularly, so as not to cause dirt due to long-term water contact, so as to avoid leaving potential safety hazards for future life, especially for the elderly and children at home, more attention should be paid to this aspect.

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