Why Is There A White Fog In The Tempered Glass?

Feb. 18, 2019

We often come across all kinds of glass materials, but because many people don't know enough about the glass industry, they have a variety of problems around it. In order to help people better understand how tempered glass avoids white fog and solve everyone's doubts, Toughened Glass Manufacturers have compiled this article, hoping to help.

1. What is the problem with white fog in the Building Tempered Glass product?

The main reason for the formation of white fog in tempered glass is that the temperature of the tempering furnace is not set well, the temperature of the lower part is too high, the warpage time is too long in the first one third of the heating, and the glass and the track repeatedly rub, which will produce white. Fog, white fog is a scratch, can be thrown away with a polishing wheel and polishing powder of wool felt.

There are four ways to do this:

1. Lower the temperature of the lower furnace

2. Reduce the lower power

3. Reduce the lower convection

4. Adjust the pattern

Second, how to avoid white fog in tempered glass

 There are many manifestations of the appearance quality of tempered glass, which are divided into two categories according to the stage in which they appear in the production process:

1 The quality of the appearance of tempered glass caused by the quality defects of the original film, such as: point defects (bubbles, inclusions), scratches, optical deformation, etc.;

2 The appearance quality problems caused by the tempering process, such as: the flatness of tempered glass, optical problems, etc.

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