Analysis Of The Causes Of Leakage Of Glass Curtain Wall

Dec. 06, 2018

Analysis of the causes of leakage of Tempered Glass Curtain Wall:

One is the design. For example, if the main force member aluminum profile column is not set to 20mm expansion joint according to the specification, the thermal expansion and contraction of the aluminum profile will cause stress to crack the glass and cause water seepage; the sealant with large expansion and contraction is not used in the design; the opening window is waterproof and sealed. Failure or insufficient number of sealing layers is also the cause of water leakage.

The second is aluminum profiles. Some aluminum profiles do not meet the national standards, the surface coating adhesion is not strong or the oxide film is too thin and too thick, which leads to the failure of the sealant bonding; when the strength of the main column or beam of the aluminum profile is insufficient, the curtain wall will be seriously deformed. Displacement and rain leakage.

The third is the sealant. In some projects, in order to save costs, ordinary sealant is used instead of weather-resistant silicone sealant, which causes the joint to foam, crack or not solidify, which causes the curtain wall to seep. At the same time, the waterproof construction network gives you advice: be sure to go to the formal building materials store or supermarket to buy high quality sealing materials.

The fourth is Building Tempered Glass. If the glass strength does not reach sufficient bearing capacity, the glass is not checked for thermal stress, and the glass dimensional tolerance exceeds the standard, it will cause glass or cracking or cracking to cause water seepage.

The fifth is construction. If the aluminum frame is installed and the sealant is not constructed according to the specifications, or if the quality is not met, it will also cause hidden dangers for the leakage.

The sixth is to use. Some users do not understand the use of the curtain wall after they have stayed, causing damage to the curtain wall, collision deformation, pollution, etc., which will cause water seepage. Some users do not use neutral detergent when cleaning glass or do not rinse with clean water after cleaning, which will cause corrosion and damage sealing performance, which is also one of the causes of water seepage.

All in all, there are three basic conditions that cause water seepage and leakage of the curtain wall: there are pores, there is water, and there is a pressure difference of seepage cracks. One way to prevent leakage is to reduce the porosity, the second is to block the rain, so as not to wet the gap as much as possible, and the third is to reduce the wind pressure difference at the wetted gap.

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