Tempered Glass Precautions

Apr. 21, 2018

Tempered glass is widely used in various fields. In special areas, ultra large and ultra thickness tempered glass are needed. Such as 300 x 300 mm Tempered Glass,3000 x 13000 mm Tempered Glass. There are some attentions you need to pay:


Product application container or wooden box packaging. Each piece of glass is packaged in a plastic bag or paper, and the glass and package are filled with light and soft materials that do not easily cause visual defects such as scratches on the glass. Specific requirements should meet the relevant national standards.

Packaging logo

The packaging marks shall comply with the provisions of the relevant national standards. Each packing box shall be marked with the words "upwards, lightly placed, carefully broken, glass thickness, grade, factory name, or trademark".


Various types of transport vehicles used in products, handling rules, etc. shall comply with the relevant national regulations.

When transporting, the wooden box shall not lie flat or obliquely. The length direction shall be the same as the direction of movement of the transport vehicle. There shall be measures such as rain protection.


The product should be stored vertically in a dry room.

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