Analysis Of The Advantages Of Glass Curtain Wall

Jul. 27, 2018

The glass curtain wall mainly uses 1.52mm SGP Film Laminated Glass, and the glass curtain wall is very popular in the construction of modern cities with its beautiful appearance and unique performance.What are the advantages of the glass curtain wall? The China Laminated Glass Supplier tells you.

1. Beautiful appearance:

After the surface of the glass is anodized, it can display ancient lead copper, golden, silver and white colors, which can be arbitrarily selected and oxidized and polished. The sash frame is large and can be set with a large area of glass, which makes the indoor light bright and bright, enhances the contrast between the indoor and outdoor façades, and makes the living room more rich.

2. High wind pressure resistance and good water tightness performance:

Due to its low material strength and low rigidity, the plastic steel curtain wall has a wind resistance and watertight performance of about two grades lower than that of the glass curtain wall. In addition to air tightness, the watertightness and wind pressure resistance of the glass curtain wall are better than that of the plastic steel curtain wall. Moreover, since the steel lining of the steel curtain wall is not connected to the complete frame system at the corner of the inner cavity of the profile, the window frame, The plastic welding angle of the four corners and the 1/4 point is relatively low.

3. Good sealing performance:

The glass itself is easy to squeeze, the profile of the profile is precise and the machining accuracy is high. Optional sealing materials with good water resistance, elasticity and durability, such as rubber bead and silicone series sealant. In terms of profiles, various sealing strip fixing grooves have been completed along with the section in the extrusion process, creating favorable conditions for installing the sealing material.

4. Light weight, high strength:

The glass material is mostly a hollow core thin-wall combined section, which is convenient to use, reduces weight, and has a high bending strength in the section, and the curtain wall is durable and has small deformation.

1.52mm SGP Film Laminated Glass