What Are The Factors Affecting The Quality Of Explosion-proof Membrane For Building Glass?

Oct. 20, 2018

With the continuous development of the building glass lamination industry, the building glass explosion-proof film has become a more and more popular one, today I will tell you about the building glass explosion-proof film of those things. Among them, the quality is the most important. According to the investigation, there are several reasons that affect the quality of explosion-proof membrane of building glass.

1. Transmittance and clarity:

This is an important performance of building glass explosion-proof film, the color of the film has light and dark, high and low transmittance, if the selection of high transmittance varieties (near the color of glass) will not affect the light at all. High quality film will not cause deformation of objects and affect people's sight.

2. Heat insulation:

Heat insulation performance is not only an important criterion for evaluating the quality of a thermal insulation film, but also a key factor in determining the price. To understand the heat insulation effect of the film, you can use an intuitive method to judge, that is, with the film of glass to block the sun or under the iodine tungsten lamp irradiation, with the face or hands to feel its heat insulation effect.

3. Explosion proof performance:

This is another important performance related to safety, good building glass explosion-proof film is made of special polyester film as the substrate, thermal insulation explosion-proof film itself has a strong toughness, enhance the instantaneous impact strength of glass, and with special pressure-sensitive adhesive, when the glass encounters an accidental collision, the glass will not splash after rupture of the film adhesion.

4, UV barrier properties:

The UV blocking rate of the film is generally over 95%, and the UV blocking rate of the high quality film is more than 99%. Ultraviolet barrier can effectively prevent the fading and aging of indoor goods, prevent the skin of indoor personnel from burning, tanning and aging.

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