What Is The Fireproof Glass Making Process?

Aug. 21, 2018

In daily life, we often come into contact with various types of glass materials. In addition to traditional flat glass, there are glass materials with special properties such as ultra-white glass and borosilicate glass, as well as hollow glass and laminated glass. Common materials. In order to let everyone know more about the glass making process, High Fidelity Ultra Clear Glass Supplier collected the information and arranged this article, hoping to help.

What is the Ultra Thick Frosted Glass making process?

1, composite fireproof glass

The traditional composite fire-proof glass production process generally adopts the grouting method. The intumescent flame-retardant adhesive is used between three or more pieces of glass to adopt the formula containing water glass, and expands and foams at high temperature to form a thick fireproof heat insulation. The layer becomes opaque and acts as a fire and heat insulation.

2, single piece fireproof glass

The flat glass commonly used in the construction market belongs to soda-lime-silica glass, which has a softening temperature below 700 °C. It has no fireproof performance when used in a single piece. The softening point of quartz glass is above 1200 °C, which can meet the fire integrity requirements, but it is expensive. The softening temperature of borosilicate glass is higher than that of ordinary soda lime silicate glass, which can reach 820 ° C. It can be used as a single piece of fireproof glass after heat treatment.

3, wire fireproof glass

Wire-wound glass is a kind of ordinary flat glass produced by calendering. When the glass ribbon is formed between the calender rolls, the heated steel wire mesh is placed in the glass plate, but then cut into glass pieces to make a wire. Glass. Wired glass can play the role of fireproof and anti-theft. When a fire breaks out, the glass is preheated and shattered, but the glass fragments remain on the metal mesh and do not fall off. The whole piece of glass maintains a certain degree of integrity. Prevent flame penetration and prevent fire from spreading.

4, single piece fireproof glass characteristics

The single-piece fireproof glass has good performance and simple installation structure. The single-piece fireproof glass is compounded by physical tempering and chemical tempering, and has all the properties of tempered glass, belonging to safety glass products.

Ultra Thick Fireproof Glass