How To Solve The Waste Of Glass Curtain Wall Energy?

Aug. 08, 2018

While glass architecture pursues transparency, one of the biggest problems encountered is the waste of energy. Large-area glass has caused a large demand for air-conditioning energy. How to balance transparency and energy conservation is one of the major topics in glass curtain wall technology research in recent years. To sum up, for the energy-saving problems of glass curtain walls, there are mainly the following solutions.

Double-layer glass curtain wall construction method

This is a more common solution. The specific method is: leave a certain space between the two glass curtain walls, and at the same time, the bottom and top of the glass curtain wall are designed with ventilation devices to adjust the temperature of the interior space of the curtain wall to create a buffer space for indoor and outdoor temperature difference, thereby improving the insulation of the glass curtain wall. Thermal physical properties.

Use insulating glass material

More common is a layered glass called Low-E glass, which solves this problem to some extent. It is a laminated glass made of a metal component such as silver in the glass, which has a blocking effect on the long wave of visible light and can lower the thermal transmittance of the MUM. Although the glass itself has a faint green color, when it looks out to the bright outdoor, it does not feel the difference with ordinary transparent glass, but the radiant heat through the glass transparent room is only about 40%, which has better heat insulation function. This is a relatively simple and easy method. By selecting different glasses and solving the energy consumption problem to a certain extent, it is widely used in the design of contemporary glass curtain wall architecture (the light transmittance of Low-E glass is 67). %, the radiant heat transmission rate is 0.41; the ordinary enamel glass has a light transmittance of 79% and a radiant heat transmittance of 0.73).

Natural ventilation system design

The glass curtain wall is generally a fully enclosed wall, which brings the design of the ventilation system. The use of air-conditioning air supply systems will bring about a large amount of energy consumption. Therefore, the effective design of natural ventilation systems is an important part of the energy-saving design of curtain wall buildings.

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