What Glass Are Used On The Glass Path?

Jun. 14, 2018

Glass, as a building material, has been increasingly used in floors, stairs, sightseeing plank roads, etc. in recent years due to its beautiful and breakable nature, and it meets people’s architectural aesthetic requirements, the pursuit of individuality, and the stimulation of experience.

The use of such glass products in many well-known scenic spots and buildings at home and abroad has seen a trend of flowering in recent years. However, the glass used in the above-mentioned places must consider the safety of long-term use, such as the ability of anti-static and static loads, and resistance. Impact capabilities and other aspects of performance.

Ultra Thick Laminated Glass

At present, the glass of the glass plank road generally adopts double-layer tempered laminated glass, and the double-layer toughened laminated glass refers to the combination of glass tempered glass and laminated glass. After the glass is tempered, further safe treatment is performed, and the two glass sticks are adhered. combine together. This will not only increase the ability of glass to resist pressure, shock and impact, but even if it encounters problems, the fragmentation will not be directly broken like ordinary glass, but it will continue to play a protective role by connecting a large piece of debris at the lower level.

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