What is Laminated Glass?

Apr. 25, 2018

Laminated glass consists of two or more pieces of glass sandwiched by one or more organic polymer interlayers. After special high-temperature pre-pressure (or vacuum) and high-temperature and high-pressure processes, the glass and the interlayer are permanently formed. Bonded composite glass products.

The commonly used laminated glass interlayers are: PVB, SGP, EVA, PU and so on. We provide high quality PVB Film Laminated Glass, SGP Film Laminated Glass.

In addition, there are some special ones such as color interlayer film laminated glass, SGX type printed interlayer interlayer glass, XIR type LOW-E interlayer interlayer glass, etc. Embedded decorative pieces (metal mesh, metal plates, etc.) laminated glass, embedded PET material laminated glass and other decorative and functional laminated glass.

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Laminated Glass