What Kind Of Window Glass Is Good?

Aug. 06, 2018

The window is related to the lighting, insulation, heat insulation and sealing of the whole home, so the choice of window glass, especially the quality of the balcony window glass is very important. What kinds of window glass materials are there? Which kind of glass is good?

When visiting the market, it was found that most of the glass on the balcony of the market was ordinary glass with a single layer thickness of 5 mm. This glass is inexpensive, has insufficient heat resistance and impact resistance, and is not safe. The quality of the single-layer glass is better than that of the double-layer glass, that is, the conventional ordinary glass is superimposed one layer, and the heat preservation and sealing effect are better. However, since there is no seal between the two layers of glass, dust and water vapor may enter the middle of the glass.

The improved Energy Efficient Laminated Glass is a double-layer insulating glass. The two glass are interspersed with aluminum strips and sealed with glue to form a hollow layer between the glass, which hinders the transmission of heat and noise. effect.

Tempered glass is often used for balcony closure, which is a safer glass. This kind of 10mm Tempered Glass is not hard to break, and it is granular after crushing and does not hurt people. Tempered glass is mandated by the state for safety signs, and each piece of tempered glass must have a national safety “ccc” symbol. Tempered glass can not be cut, it needs to be customized in size, and then tempered after punching. Tempered glass can be processed into single-layer glass, hollow glass, laminated glass, which is excellent in strength, impact resistance and thermal insulation performance. It is the best choice for balcony glazing.

If the owner has good economic conditions, he can also choose vacuum glass, that is, the space between the two pieces of glass is vacuum, which greatly reduces the thermal conductivity of the glass product, and the glass quality is better and more practical, and its wind pressure resistance or The allowable load exceeds the insulating glass made of glass of the same thickness. However, because of the high cost of this type of glass, the use rate of home is relatively low.

10mm Tempered Glass